Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Great Web Content is Dynamic

Here's #10 of a 10-part series on the "The 10 Hallmarks of Great Web Content." Read the full white paper, or view all the blog posts in the series.

Hallmark of Great Web Content #10:
Great Web content is dynamic and changing.

Your business is constantly changing. (If you were in a static industry, you probably wouldn’t be reading this blog.) New opportunities are emerging. Prospects have new questions and concerns that must be addressed. So your website can’t be static.

News releases are dynamic content—and they give you an often-overlooked way to leverage more traffic to your website. “Getting coverage for your business in mainstream media can be hugely beneficial in bringing a swathe of new visitors to your site, and building inbound links from the media and from all the other people who comment on it,” writes Internet marketing consultant Ken McGaffin.

Every time you create a significant new information paper, write a release and send it out on a wire service.

A related tip: If you have to rely on IT to keep your website current with fresh content, you might be in trouble. Invest in a content management system.

For more hallmarks of great web content, read the white paper.

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