Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Good Fight: A New Year's Toast

Maybe it's New Year's resolutionism that is inspiring content marketers in the blogosphere to confront their norms. Several posts this week throw down the gauntlet.
Here's an excerpt from Dana Vanden Heuven's "Thought Leaders" post:
Violating may sound like a harsh word. In fact, its original meaning, that is "to break or disregard" is so often overshadowed by the more malicious definitions that we often see it associated with. (see, expectations at work right there. Think of the first thing that came to mind when you way the word "violate" in the titleā€•I bet it wasn't pretty.) However, when thought leaders violate expectations, they simply break the mold and deliver an unexpected insight, action idea, nugget of information or the all important "Aha! moment" that resets your thinking to their frequency and puts you on a different plane.
Here's a New Year's toast: may we violate expectations, battle mediocrity, and slay dragons in 2010.

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