Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Thought Leaders are Curators of Content

I enjoyed this series of short videos by Brian Solis titled "Ideas Connect Us More than Relationships." There are several points here that are relevant to thought leadership, and how social media changes the game.

Overall, I appreciate Solis's comments for bringing social media down to earth a bit. Other analyses about social media boil down to: "it's so cool because everybody can say anything about everything, whenever; aren't you doing it yet?" That's mind-boggling but not useful.

Solis states that the democratization of information does not give us license to say anything all the time, but gives us the opportunity to be curators of content. The notion of a curator implies responsibility and control, which I appreciate. "The folks that we network with will find those curated updates to be more profound than others," he says.

Solis's notion that we are connected by ideas, and not our relationships (e.g., Twitter followers, Facebook friends) is important. "It's not a popularity contest," he states, "It's about changing the way you share information, and how people are getting information."

Sheer numbers of "friends" and "followers" are meaningless unless the content published at the hub of relationship has meaning to all the people connected to it. In fact, the groups connected to content are always in flux, but the content itself needs integrity and consistency to find its audience.

Companies with something to say will be thought leaders when they embrace the role of content curator.

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Very well stated Paul. Thank you and Happy New Year....
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