Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Great Web Content: Aligned Throughout Deliverables

Here's #3 of a 10-part series on the "The 10 Hallmarks of Great Web Content." Read the full white paper, or view all the blog posts in the series.

Hallmark of Great Web Content #3:
Great Web content is aligned throughout all deliverables.
Think of alignment as a security blanket that goes with prospects as they move through the sales cycle. The outbound email features the same value proposition that is reiterated on the landing page, reinforced on the registration form and offered up in informational booklet. And all of them highlight the key word phrases that your prospects are using to find the products and services you’re selling.

A complicating factor of alignment: You’ll need to align multiple paths through the sales cycle, because site visitors are entering the funnel at different stages of the decision process. That calls for different landing pages with different offers and different calls to action. (This Forbes study describes how different decision makers, according to age, require different media and calls to action.)

You’ll need distinct content for less qualified prospects who are still in the nurturing stages. B-to-B buyers, in particular, often require months of nurturing. If they won’t bite on a white paper, offer a newsletter or some other “micro-conversion” tactic.

Prospects deeper in the funnel, on the other hand, have less need for educational materials. A qualified prospect with near-term closing potential may be looking for a quote, a feasibility study, or a demo.

For more hallmarks of great web content, read the white paper.

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