Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Social Status Game Board

I participated in a breakfast seminar today with five other organizations. The event was put together by PR firm Trevelino/Keller and revolved around a unique Monopoly-like game board designed as an interesting way to put together an online social media program for businesses and other organizations. As you move around the board you are prompted to consider options ranging from Facebook and mySpace to Twitter and Digg.

Present company excluded, there were a lot of smart people on the panel, including folks from Search Discovery, Vitrue, Luckyfish and (my favorite) dNeero.

Using the board, we actually built a social media strategy for Zoo Atlanta. It was pretty cool. The question and answer session may have been the best part, as the panel answered a lot of very practical questions ranging from when to use Facebook pages vs. Facebook groups and how to reach Twitter Moms.

The Content Factor's contribution to the Zoo Atlanta campaign: Winston the Warthog. But that's probably another post.

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