Thursday, March 01, 2007

Birth of the Blogletter

We are launching our blogletter—an email newsletter that is built on top of our blog. What a concept!

How does it work? Instead of putting long articles in our e-newsletter, or creating new web pages for the articles, we simply post the articles to our blog. They make great blog posts. Then, we send out our e-newsletter with brief, easy-to-read introductions to the articles, and links to the full versions in the blog posts.

Not only is the blogletter handy for communicating to our clients and friends, but it's also efficient:
  • Our content goes out through multiple channels, but we only have to author it and publish it once.
  • The articles in the e-newsletter can act as search magnets, especially in blog searches, instead of being "trapped" in emails.
  • Subscribers who prefer email to RSS will sign up to our e-newsletter list, so we only have one list of emails to manage (instead of separate subscriber lists for the blog emails and the e-newsletter).
  • Articles, along with reader comments, are automatically archived in the blog.
What's more, the blogletter is also more interactive than a standard e-newsletter. Readers can leave comments on the blog, and read the comments of other readers. They can also read other blog posts, download our white papers, and check out our web site.

We didn't invent the blogletter, but we will spread the word. Here are a couple of marketing blogs that put the term "blogletter" out there first:

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Wow - I came up with a new word! I've come up with many over the years but this one looks like it might be the real thing. Thanks for the link and good luck with your blogletter.
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