Friday, November 10, 2006

Google is a Blog Writer's Best Friend

While working on blogs for a few different clients, I have started "drinking the Kool-Aid" from Google. I'm using a Google custom home page, which gives me all sorts of widgets, which I can organize on my own tabs.

Here's a picture of my custom home page (the first tab).

I can make a widget out of any RSS feed, including Google News searches and Google Blog searches. So, I created a tab for each client, and on that tab I can add...

  • Blog searches on appropriate keywords, created in Google Alerts
  • News searches on appropriate keywords, also from Google Alerts
  • Bookmarks to sites I want to monitor--made from lists I compose in (Wikipedia on and then display using the widget
  • Feeds from the blogs I want to monitor

So now I have a dashboard of the latest news and blog postings for each client. And to get to it, all I have to do is click the Google logo on my Google toolbar. Sweet!

So, if you're a Content Factor client and you were wondering how we found the latest article or blog post so you know.

Hey Veronica!
Great stuff... I wish you could create all that neat start page stuff within a branded environment... you know, any organization (including content factor) having ownership of the "share of web" that is being provided gratis to google.

Wait! There is a company that provides all that functionality -- right here in Atlanta! ThePort Network, with clients including The AJC and the Atlanta Falcons!

We have met before -- you and Paul actually did some work for us! I just wanted to reach out and update you on our progress -- if you haven't seen our new website, you should take a look! And if you haven't seen our new and improved offering, you should allow us to take you through a demo!

Anyway, thanks for your time Veronica! Look forward to speaking again soon!
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